Town Hall Meeting Minutes Feb 2022

26 February 2022

Community Town Hall Meeting

26 February 2022


  1. Overview of priorities

Don provided an update on the following projects and initiatives;





Sports Centre

Hay Park




Dalyellup Community Centre

Bunbury Outer Ring Road

Firearms Legislation


  1. Feedback

Don outlined the steps he had taken in response to the key issues raised at the last Community Town Hall Meeting held in August 2021;


Back Beach – Wrote to the City of Bunbury requesting a public meeting be convened. Verbal reply received that explained the City would engage in community consultation when ready to commence master planning for the northern end of the Back Beach area. (Copy of the letter available to attendees)

Buses – Wrote to Minister Saffioti informing her the issues raised by participants in the previous meeting. (copy of letter available to attendees) Min Saffioti advised the PTA have been instructed to design a review process for the Bunbury bus service.

Nurses – Don had a conversation with previous Health Minister, Minister Cook

Kidsport – Don wrote to the previous Minister for Sport, Minister Buti. (copy of letter available to attendees)

Intown Centre – Chairperson met with electorate office to explain position of the Centre. A pilot of new ways to deliver homelessness services is being conducted in Bunbury and the Intown Centre is part of that process.

Community Consultation – Don has continued to advocate for improved methods of consulting with the community. An example of this is the twelve month lead time for the closure of the Armadale to ensure comprehensive consultation regarding the replacement services for the Australind is undertaken.


  1. Buses Review

A discussion was held regarding what issues should be considered by the review as well as any suggestions about the manner in which the review should be conducted.


Key issues to be considered by the review:




Type of vehicles used

Service frequency

Review school buses also

Dealing with roundabouts

Smaller buses

Pay and ride system like Brisbane

Sight seeing buses to showcase our bush

Designated shopper runs

Park and ride (shuttle buses)

Routes to key destinations like the hospital

Cost to users/afforability


The structure of the review should allow:

Consultation with as many people as possible

Consultants to first be required to use the bus service (even do so with a pram for example)

Need to ask not just people who use the buses but also why others don’t currently use the buses.

Benchmarking against other places with similar characteristics.


Action - Don has written to Min. Saffioti informing her of the views of attendees regarding the bus review and asking for consideration to be given to their inclusion in the review.


  1. Workplaces for women

Mr Reid introduced the issue and why he sought to place it on the agenda. The reports of the circumstances in the Federal Parliament led to him being concerned there may be similar issues in the State Parliament.


Don responded that the State Parliament is quite a different environment to the Federal Parliament. There are more women in key positions in State Parliament has helped create a more respectful and inclusive environment. He also explained Min. Johnston has just release new guidelines and codes for the workplace in general that will further address issues for women at work. (copies of the three new codes were available for attendees to review)


  1. Medical Specialists

Marina Quain, the proposer of this item, was not able to attend the meeting so Don opened the floor to the views of all those in attendance about the need for additional medical specialists in Bunbury.


Mary Dunlop – we have lots of visiting specialists but not as many who are here all the time. The redevelopment of the hospital will create more opportunities for specialists to be based here.


John MacKay – It is difficult to get an MRI in Bunbury and people frequently end up going to Perth for one, the wait for a skin specialist is more than two and a half months. We do need to attract more specialists to Bunbury.


Comment – specialist families don’t want to stay here, raised the issue of sub-standard education. Often the male specialists want to stay but the women (wives) don’t.


Action – Don has written to Minister Sanderson and asked what opportunities for improved services and equipment, and for additional specialists to be located in Bunbury, will be created by the redevelopment of the Bunbury Hospital.


  1. Q&A

Comment – the Australind consultation should include conversation about scheduling.


John MacKay – Will public transport be made available between Bunbury and Busselton when the airport begins operating? Don indicated the development of such services will be dictated by community demand. He believes they will eventuate but whether they are public or private services remains to be seen.


Beth Ferguson – Has seen reports that have Wanju as the regional interchange for public transport, including the train, with Bunbury bypassed, will that happen? Don expressed his disagreement with any proposal the centralizes transport services north of Bunbury and stated he will be advocating to maintain Bunbury at the centre of public transport in the region.


Maureen Eaton – will any buses used to replace the Australind be accessible for people with a disability. Don explained two new road coaches have been purchased that are fully accessible and he hopes arrangements will ensure the opportunity for carers to sit next to people they are travelling.

Bernhard – Raised the issue of fleabane weeds to make people aware so they can clear it from their own property. He believes Council should do more and wants people to support him advocating for Council to control the weeds. Don – congratulated Bernhard on his environmental work and advocacy, and encouraged people to sign Bernhard’s petition.


Concern raised about Upper House reform and regional people having access to local members. Don explained the onus is on local members to engage with their constituents as well as the structure of Parliament and the reasons for the reform.


Mr Reid asked what upper house ballot papers would look like. Don said there will be above and below the line voting.


Comment from the audience– below the line voting should be considered valid if 12 or more preferences are recorded on the ballot, shouldn’t have to fill in all 36.


Action – Don has written to Min. Quigley requesting a description of the intended upper house voting process at the next state election.


Issue raised – ALP Platform says on personal safety alarm should be provided to each person over 75, why has this not been progressed? Don described the seniors’ security rebates that are available and took this specific question on notice.


Action – A request for advice regarding the State Government’s position on this matter has been sent.


Issue raised – seniors safety rebate is $400 but providers are charging way above that – should be price regulated. Don asked for any evidence of unethical business practices to be forwarded to his office and advised any demonstrable examples of price gouging will be pursued.


Maureen – with staff shortages why can’t people employ seniors without it impacting on their pensions. Don explained pensions are responsibility of the Federal government and that they have already been presented with a proposal by the peak seniors’ advocacy group. Don thinks the idea has some merit.


Issue raised – An update on the issues with Stanley Road was requested as well as an explanation of what is being done to address those issues? Feedback on effectiveness of FOGO bins as well as our waste management achievements was requested. Don explained the management structure of Stanley Road as well as the environmental issues experienced at Stanley Road. Action must be taken by Councils to undertake the required capping and lining a new cell. It is also the responsibility of the Bunbury Harvey Regional Council and the City of Bunbury to communicate with residents about waste management achievements.


Regulation of plastics is State issue and we have ban single use plastic products. More feedback from the State about residential achievements in terms of waste management was requested. Don will ask the CoB to provide feedback regarding residential waste management achievements within the local community.


Action – The following information has been sourced in response to the request for more information about waste management State wide - The WA Waste Authority ( provides data on all state based waste management program on their website including an annual report that outlines successes and achievements. In 2021 the City of Bunbury was the Joint Winner of the Waste Initiative of the Year for its Public FOGO bins program.


Action – Don has written to the CEO of the City of Bunbury asking for an update to be shared with residents on all matters related to waste.


Issue raised – waste to energy – we should do more.


Issue with DoH – When making a maintenance request the system asks if issue is an emergency ,if yes you must call, not fill in a form, but then the wait on the phone is over an hour.


Action - Don has written to Min. Carey requesting advice regarding the procedures for reporting emergency maintenance needs.


Question – have any Noongar burial sites been identified from Turkey Point to Koombana Bay.


Action – a review of the Indigenous Heritage Sites register did not identified any registered sites in that area.


Question about the leases for over 55s at Koombana Bay Caravan Park. Residents thought the land was owned by City of Bunbury but now believes it is Crown Land and are concerned that may affect the leases.


Action – Don has written to the City of Bunbury requesting clarification of the ownership of the land.


Maureen Eaton asked what is happening with the former Killerby’s Land in Capel.


Action – Don has spoken with the Shire of Capel and received the following information regarding this land and its development - The scheme amendment to enable residential development was agreed to by the Shire of Capel on 18 December 2019 and referred to the WAPC. The amendment was requested for Lots 120 and 121 Minninup Road, Dalyellup. The land is owned by Cedar Woods and a subdivision of approximately 100 lots has been approved by Council. Minninup Bridge is an issue to be resolved before the sub-division is able to proceed. The access in and out of the development is only possible via the bridge. Funds are being sought by the Shire for the upgrades necessary for the project to proceed.



Mary Dunlop– What is happening to alleviate need in housing and mental health. Don described the housing strategy and record investment in mental health services.


Bunbury Badminton Association representative Nigel Smith asked does Don believe the SWSC masterplan will go ahead. Don respond that questions about the masterplan are questions for Council, but that he is happy to request an update on the project.


Action – Don has written to the City of Bunbury requesting an update on the progress of the South West Sports Centre masterplan and any timelines or planning for its implementation.


Kim Rudd – will the Turkey Point Bridge and upgrades include improvements to the access road to Turkey Point? Don will find out.


Action – Don has written to Minister Saffioti’s office asking for the scope of the project to be clarified to see if the access road is included or if the road is in fact the responsibility of the City of Bunbury.


Mary – Wants to know when works will commence in Withers.


Action - Don has spoken to the South West Development Commission and requested an update for the community on the renewal progress. The Withers Progress Association will be invited to host that update.


Mr Reid – What is being done to better support Indigenous people in prison, particularly cultural support. Jane has been doing this work but can’t get access – why. Don took the question on notice.


Action – Don has written to Min Johnston requesting an overview of the cultural support programs available to Aboriginal prisoners in WA in general and specifically at Bunbury Regional Prison.