Community Reference Group

Don Punch MLA, Member for Bunbury, is establishing a Community Reference Group for interested residents of the Bunbury electorate to join and share their views and ideas for the future of Bunbury, and to raise current issues and propose solutions for our community.

Interested members of the community should register their interest by emailing [email protected] and including Community Reference Group in the subject line or by completing and submitting the form below.

Members of the CRG will be invited to submit ideas, suggestions and questions at anytime. These ideas will be shared with the membership of the CRG, as will Don’s responses.

The intention is to create an ongoing conversation about making Bunbury an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

Don has always regularly hosted Town Hall meetings to make sure all members of the community have the chance to have their say about the needs of our community.

This will continue but with a difference. In the future, Don will host four Town Hall meetings per year with the agenda items drawn from the issues raised by the CRG.

It will be the CRG that decides the conversations we have about the future of our community. All community members will be welcome to attend and contribute to the Town Hall discussions.

By joining the CRG you will not only exchange ideas with other community members with a shared interest in the future of Bunbury and the surrounding areas, you will also have the opportunity to play a role in setting the agenda for community conversations.

At least once per year Don will host a social get together just for members of the CRG. These gatherings will create opportunities to develop collaborative approaches to local issues and face to face exchanges about the issues that really matter to Bunbury.

As your local member, Don wants to know your thoughts and views about our community. If you would like to do more, to be part of the conversation about our future, join Don’s CRG, share your ideas and contribute to advancing new initiatives and solutions for our community.